Writers Room X

Writers Room X:  Callout for Participating Writers.

Are you a writer with a particular nerd-on for serialized TV? Do you love the idea of working in the classic TV writers' room format, crafting a long-form narrative with a team of other writers? Do time, budget and resource restrictions really rev your engine?

Writers Room X is an experiment in content creation produced by Noted, Canberra's experimental festival of words. WRX will put a diverse group of Canberran writers in a room together and charge them to create full scripts for a 6-part micro-budget web series over an 8-day period.

This project is an earnest attempt to create quality script material that will actually be produced and shot (stay tuned for more details about shooting timelines). The aim is to combine the classical format of the television writers room with the creative freedom of independent film-making. There will be a full staged reading of the finished scripts at the conclusion of Noted Festival.

We're looking for writers with idiosyncratic perspectives and a desire to innovate who still have love for the traditions of TV storytelling. We a want diverse bunch but you need to be excited about collaboration and working within creative restrictions.

Participants must be free to attend daytime sessions on the 13th, 19th and 20th of March, and must be willing to commit to writing a 6-10 page draft script between the 14th and 18th of March. There are up to 5 participant slots available.

If you're interested then please send the following to nickdelatovic [@] hotmail.com:

1. A 100-word creative bio

2. 100-200 words on why you're excited to be a part of this project

3. A 100-200 word description of the TV show that you dream of writing (if money etc were no object)


Expressions of interest close on Friday 5 February 2016.