Bridging the Distance: An Oral Histories Swap-meet

For many cultures oral histories are a vital way of preserving cultural knowledge and passing on traditions. For some people though, dislocation, trauma and feelings of invisibility can disrupt the intergenerational transfer of knowledge. For this event, Noted is seeking anyone who would like to preserve their history by sharing it in a safe and informal oral history circle facilitated by Kermie Breydon.

Noted will be accepting expressions of interest from writers and storytellers willing to share their community specific knowledge in this open forum event in Canberra on Sunday 7th May. People living with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTIQA+, migrants, Indigenous people and others whose hyperlocal or specific histories are often overlooked are particularly encouraged to apply and will be prioritised in order to ensure diverse representation.

Participants will need to prepare a 5-7 minute story for the event. Participants can opt to have their stories preserved in podcast form to help transfer them across geographical and generational divides.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted via our online application form.