Getting Down with Digital

If you don't live, work or aren't going to be making it to post code 2601 this May, then never fear! You can take part in our festival from your bed at home. All you need is your own computer and web connection. 

The events listed below allow you to get involved, talk about creative writing, contribute passages of a story, respond to a prompt or use writing to explore difficult themes. Have a look through each event and it will tell you the how, when, where and why! 


Memories of Space and Place
This event explores our relationship with objects and how they connect us to the world around us. Join the conversation, facilitated by Claire Rosslyn Wilson, and draw out how writers conceive their creative process and the influence of place in creative writing.


The Patchwork Story
What is a story? Whether sprung from one writer or many, a narrative can string together a fleet of experiences. With participants contributing parts to the ultimate story, this ever-expanding exquisite corpse will toy with the nature of creation. As the festival unfurls, so will the story, as writer Alex Bennetts pieces together this patchwork narrative on the Noted website. 


Let's Talk About Death, Baby! 
How do you reconcile an acceptance of mortality with a story of grief and loss? Gabriela Georges will facilitate a conversation on the elements of death, guiding the narrative through topics like funerals, relationships, bucket lists and afterlife. The dialogue may be confronting and challenging for some viewers - as confronting as death itself.


Fear: A Labyrinth
Exploring the relationship between the innate, the external and the imagined, Linda Chen guides Noted Festival audiences through a virtual haunted house constructed by our writers and their fears. Navigate the labyrinth of our psyche by contributing your own piece.


The best part about digital events is that you become part of the project or narrative and we've done our best to make this process as easy as possible for you.  

For the rest of our digital line-up, check out the link below.