The Editorial Committee is made up of three emerging or aspiring editors for the duration of the festival between 3-7 May. These editors have been tasked with editing, collaboratively and online, on a piece of writing of 2,000 words. The piece chosen for the project is written Shauna O'Meara, titled You and Me, The Sand and Sea. You can read this piece (without any edits) below. 

Their workings are made available to you in real time via our website, so you can compare and contrast the choices, biases and tricks of the trade of different editors. Their workings are guided, challenged and supported through the process by Kill Your Darlings Editor, Alan Vaarwerk.

To close the event, the emerging editors themselves will participate in a panel discussion at our Independent Publishing Fair in Canberra from 2-3pm on Sunday, 7 May, to talk through the experience and outline how they made their editing decisions. 

To see how these editors are tracking, click through and take a gander!