Hey Rhys.

You don't know me, but I'm here to tell you that someone's looking for you. I'm not sure who though, all I have are these scraps, but I thought they might be important scraps, scraps that might be important to you.  I promise I'm not trying to trap you, I'm not that skilled with computers. I mean, I am pretty good at breaking into Sal's records but that's about as far as my hacking skills go. That and setting up this blog. I heard blogs are kind of like beacons. Oh, and I guess I had to get into your cyber space (which is fucked, by the way). Okay, so I'm pretty good at hacking into stuff. But I'm not out to get you, I'm not trying to trap you or anything. Even if I was old enough to be one, I swear I wouldn't have it in me. I know that sounds like something a trapper would say, but it's true. Anyway. Keep reading if you believe me, I guess.


Arthur Aiko

Hey Rhys.

If you are reading this, it means that the encryption program that Sal helped me build is working. You'll notice if you go back over the posts that the stuff I've written for you is all in green now. She says it's unlikely that anyone would bother looking through a first century (I guess you'd call me a teenager?)'s blog, but she's managed to scramble it so that for anyone logging on from a Government terminal should only be able to see the personal parts, like the stuff about X. She says I have to be more careful, that I should put more stuff about X, that I should write more about my feelings. I'm not super keen on that, but we'll see how we go. She wants me to change the name too, but I don't think I will. 

Shirley Alexander

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Jacqueline Qillaq

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Jose Martinez

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Katherine Bastien

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