by Bela Farkas



BOMBS blew the shit

BOMBS blew the shit out of Darwin

Two hundred and forty three people blown to dust

Dust that no one remembers, dust that is not as interesting as Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage or Warnie dating Liz Hurley, ‘cause she’s a supermodel and no one can understand how Warnie pulled it off, but he did and that must be more interesting than a raid that flattened Darwin.

But I guess if they made a movie with Matt Damon fighting off the Japanese bombers using his amazing acting skills, then people might care.

Unless that twilight movie’s playing, then people would need to know

Who will Bella choose? 

Will it be the sparkly, angst-brooding, whinge face, vampire dude or werewolf guy, who constantly takes his shirt off for no reason? This is a hard choice; she will need more movies to sort out her feelings.

Either way, if Darwin is to be remembered, there should be a memorial day, a national memorial day.

So we don’t forget those who died by Japanese bombers that raided

not once

not twice

but sixty-four times.

But that probably won’t happen, we have too many foreign tragedies to think about, foreign marriages to watch on TV, also we still have not worked out...

How the hell did Warnie pick up Liz Hurley? Okay, I know he’s probably the best leg spinner ever, but Liz Hurley is Liz Hurley.

I’m sure she’s done a movie or something. But that’s not the point. The point is she’s hot.

So Liz, if you’re ever in Canberra and you need someone to talk to

I’ll be here for you

To listen