Charles J Quinn


by Charles J Quinn


a list of lists I haven't made yet

list of awesome names for cats

list of fancy pants

list of rejected marketing ideas for tampons

list of reasons why it's awesome to be me

list of reasons why it would be awesome to be a cat

list of reasons why Disney couldn't be worse than Lucas

list of inexplicably hot cartoon characters

list of awkward times to need to pee

list of weird shaped penis' I have seen

list of reasons why I don't understand my friends attraction to Bear Grills

list of celebrities that probably smell weird

list of facebook status' nobody wants to see

list of facebook status' it's inappropriate to like

list of things we are nostalgic for but really shouldn't be

list of sexy scientists

list of contests the master of conflict seems to have put thought into (a very short list)

list of badslammers who look like fancy hobos

a list of SHUT UP KABO



fill a page with swears

all the swears

in every combination you can think of



A short poem about tea:

chamomile tastes like disappointment