Ryan 'Skip' Schipper

This Suit

Ryan 'Skip' Schipper


I am a respectable man and this is a respectable suit


When this suit walks

it walks without distraction.


When this suit is forced to sit

it sits without wrinkling.


    It provides a relaxed slouch

    and never reveals the socks -

    it is respectable - it is

    above that sort of impropriety.


When this suit shakes hands

hands shake at its touch.


This suit disguises piercings as pleasantries

and hides tattoos with tesselation.


     Within its fabric foundations,

     fear falls foul of courage (and)

     hubris hastens headlong

     into authority.


This suit is energy fueling ecstasy

erupting from your face, hands and arms.


This suit is a windmill!


This suit is an archetype passed from

father to father to father

and to each his son

as he had before him.


This suit is a hymn

sung exactly as intended.


This suit is hungry

for friendship. It wants

to take you for dinner. It wants

to hug you

on your porch

in the rain.


This suit wants to fuck you.

This suit wants to fuck your mum.

    And your dad.

This suit wants to fuck your dad

While your dad fucks your mum

And your girlfriend watches in the corner.


This suit is Superman and you are Lois Lane.

This suit is Big Bertha and you are a Belgian bunker.

This suit is Lee Harvey Oswald and you are J.F.K.


This suit is fucking a hole in your head

    from 100 yards.


This suit is a tornado!


This suit is everything you hold dear

    wrapped in merino wool

    lined with silk

    and exploded

    in the foyer

    of the International Criminal Court.


    There's fucking tulips everywhere!


This suit is a whirlwind

    of indiscretion and shrubbery.


This suit is in a Dutch basement

peeling your skin back

while you eulogise yourself.


This suit is soaking a flannel

    and making it just so




    It's in your mouth

    It's in your mouth

    It's in your mouth

    It's in your mouth


This suit is pulling your tie

    It wants to fuck you

    It wants to fuck your mouth

    It's in your mouth


    Swallow, goddamnit!


This suit will swallow you.