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Bill Poetries

Artists: Duncan Felton, Nick Delatovic, Tessa Rose, the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary, David Stavanger, Jennifer Compton, Laurie May, Paul Magee, Sarah Rice, Indigo Eli, Melinda Smith, Beige Brown, Bela Farkas, Louis Klee, Alison Coppe, Ben Walter, Bri Lee, Sandra Renew and Denise Burton

Poet Andrew Galan, together with a litter of handpicked poets from across the country, are posting their words up all over Canberra's nooks and crannies. Check the Noted Festival website for location hints. 

Bill poetries deteriorate in the weather, end up in the streets and pollute our waterways through the stormwater system. Bill poetries make areas look uncared for and attract other litter. Councils can spend a lot on cleaning up after illegally posted bills including flyers and advertising material – money which could be better spent on more useful programs. Bill poetries are advertisements. The advertisers have not taken responsibility for ensuring that they do not become litter. The community then pay for their clean up. There are no exemptions for bill poetries put up without consent. They are items that become litter. – Department of Environment and Conservation

Adapted from Australian Government literature regarding bill posters

Later Event: March 16