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Fear: A Labyrinth

Artist: Linda Chen

What is it that scares us today? The fantastical? The speculative? The seemingly benign? Often the structures that define what we find terrifying arise from dialogues between the innate, the external and the imaginative - less 'things' than entire frames of mind. Exploring the relationship between the innate, the external and the imagined, Linda Chen guides Noted Festival audiences through a virtual haunted house constructed by our writers and their fears. Navigate the labyrinth of our psyche by contributing your own piece.

How does this work?
This event is interactive: you can contribute passages to Fear: A Labyrinth. Your contributions to this narrative will construct the haunted house,  the place where you confront your fears. Each day we will post a new prompt for you to respond to, and each day you will see the story unfolk. Click through to participate, or, if you're not sure how to go about getting involved, find out more with our How-To Guide.

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