Let's Talk About Death, Baby!

  • Noted Festival ACT, 2600 Australia

Artists: Gabriela Georges

How do you reconcile an acceptance of mortality with a story of grief and loss? Gabriela Georges will facilitate a conversation on the elements of death, guiding the narrative through topics like funerals, relationships, bucket lists and afterlife. The dialogue may be confronting and challenging for some viewers - as confronting as death itself.

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How do I participate?
You can participate from home, using your own computer and web connection. You don't even have to be in Australia to attend! However, if you don’t hail from the eastern border of Australia, please remember that this event time is in Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

How does this work?
Let's Talk About Death, Baby! will be hosted on the Noted website and will be using tlk.iosimple web chat. This event is open to the public, with details on how to participate released on the morning of the event. 

Check back on May 3rd for the link or if you're super keen, you can register your interest right now. You'll receive a direct link to the web page on the morning of the event.

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Please be aware that this event includes content around death, dying, and bereavement. Participating in this event is voluntary and you can choose to leave at any time if you are feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed. If you would like further support, you are encouraged to debrief with a trusted friend or family member or contact Griefline on 1300 845 745 or through the website, griefline.org.au.