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Artist: Nicci Haynes

For years now he had been an expert in the science of perfumes; he maintained that the sense of smell could procure pleasures equal to those obtained through sight or hearing…. Using a combination of literary works and digital tools, artist Nicci Haynes takes cross-sensory metaphors in literature as a starting point for transformations that correlate text, sound and image.

How does this work?
Codes from Textibition will be dispersed through Noted's website and social media channels, and anywhere onsite where Noted events are happening in Canberra.

If you see a code, you can interact with it using an app called SpeechCode. SpeechCode is an app that can transform this coloured, printable data code into text, spoken or written. This app is free and available to download using the App Store and Google Play. Use the app to activate the code and find out what text you have uncovered. Try it here!

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