Zine Superstars

Please note, this event was previously called Heroes. 

Zine Superstars is a collaborative project undertaken by students in the Koori Kids Group, the Koori Leadership Program and Noted Festival. Over the course of two weeks, students wrote and made zines around the theme of "heroes", or anything else they liked! 

Koori Kids and Koori Leadership are groups for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged eight to sixteen. They are facilitated by West Belconnen Child and Family Centre, UnitingCare Kippax, and Belconnen Community Services

Please click on the images to enlarge.  We have included a transcript for text-heavy zines, maintaining the spelling and grammar of the original work. 

Super Dolphin

Artist: Naomi


One day when super dolphin was swimming in the sea she saw someone with a mustash. Super dolphin went up to him.


“I can’t go to sleep because I can’t find my tedie.”


“I’ll help you!” said super dolphin.


“My teddie is a star fish and he is pink.”


Super dolphin went to find his tedie.


She looked everry where.


first super dolphin looked under a boat. But it was not there so she looked under a prity rock. It was not there so she looked in a bottle with a note in it.


The not siad nothing it was just a map.


Super dolphin could not read the map so she asked a shark. He could not read it. Super dolphin was looking every where. Later she fond a telescop. She used it find some who could read the map.


Super dolphin saw an octopus, he said “I can read your map!”


Super dolphin was so happy!


Later super dolphin found the tedie.


She brang back to guy with the mustash and he gave her a crown.


The end.

Artist: Dom

Artist: Keesha

Artist: Georgie

It was a calm day when the cat called tiggs.

She went to her fridge full of sweets and put it in her basket.


The she put her on necklace made of pearls.

the she Jump in to her hot air Ballon with her basket. 

the she dropped off a hot drink to her friend Rex.

then she gave the sweets to friends.

Then after a hard day of work she sat on Lounge for

the rest of the evening. 

Artist: Matt

Artist: Maria

Artist: Ben

Artist: Tayor

Artist: Georgie

Artist: Gemma

Artist: Sammie